Minecraft Dungeons Review – A Couple Blocks Short of Brilliance

Minecraft Dungeons on PC Following the overwhelming success of Mojang and Microsoft’s juggernaut creative sandbox game, Minecraft, during the 2010s, I found it almost surprising that the IP hasn’t seen more spin-offs of this caliber already. Its world has endless possibilities, after all, and it opens the door to bringing the world and its iconic […]

Super Mario 64 Levels Recreated in Super Mario Maker 2

Besides that strange DS port of Super Mario 64, the wonderfully iconic Nintendo platformer has yet to see an official remaster or full-blown remake, but thanks to a very talented Super Mario Maker 2 creator, you can now play a 2D remake of it… sort of. Created by user SeanDreyer, this eight-world-long Super Mario Maker […]

April Smashes NPD Sales Records as FF7 Remake & Switch Lead the Pack

The NPD Group’s April video game report is out and its analysis highlights some unprecedented figures, punctuated by record-breaking spending across the industry. The company’s Matt Piscatella describes April 2020 as the “wildest” month he’s seen in 15 years of games industry analysis. First and foremost, the total tracked spending across the US video game […]

Maneater Review – Watch Out Boy She’ll Chew You Up

Maneater on PlayStation 4 Maneater lies bang in the middle ground between expansive open-world RPG and a dumb shark game. It’s both, without fully leaning into either. Thankfully, it lets you have fun no matter which of the extremes you’re after.  It can be shallow (that’s pun number one), but there’s fun to be had […]