5 Things About Fallout 76 That Actually Aren’t Terrible

Fallout 76 is the game people love to hate right now, and objectively, there’s good reason for that. Bethesda’s AAA offering is riddled with bugs that range from silly to game-breaking, and with an unsatisfying and unreliable roadmap of future updates, it’s unclear when and what will be fixed. And, if that’s not bad enough, […]

7 Best Games to look Forward to in January 2019

7 Best Games to Look Forward to in January 2019Onimusha Warlords (Release Date: Jan. 11)There’s no holiday hangover this year. These are the seven best upcoming games to look forward to in January 2019. The year is starting off hot, starting with a popular franchise from Japan.The first game in the popular Onimusha series, Onimusha: […]

10 Gaming Moments That Blew Everyone Away in 2018

In every great game, there are moments that stand out as shocking, awe-inspiring and utterly unforgettable, and try as we might, we’ll never be able to forget them. Among the moments we had from this year’s titles, these were the top 10 gaming moments that blew us away in 2018.*Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Due to the […]

All Video Game Releases of January 2019

All Video Game Releases for January 2019(Weeks 1 & 2: Jan. 1-14)With the new year beginning, it’s time to look forward to what’s ahead of us. Between now and the end of April, the video game release schedule is already looking pretty hectic, and it all starts in January.While the first month of 2019 is […]

Best Upcoming 2019 Anime Games to Have on Your Radar

Best Upcoming Anime Games of 2019Kill la Kill: The GameIf anything should excite you for the Kill la Kill game, it’s the stellar job that Arc System Works did with Dragon Ball FighterZ. The studio clearly has a talent for adapting anime into video games, and Kill la Kill takes very much the same approach […]

EdgeView 2.530

EdgeView 2 v2.530 | 14.14 MB EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer for MacOS X. You can open various image files, can also open archive files like as ZIP, rar without extraction. You can check and open files on built-in file browser. And can connect to FTP and open the file directly. EdgeView 2 […]