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in case you missed it ???? The game’s in Irish now

Dicey Dungeons v1.8 out now.
Posted       May 29, 2020  at 6:59 am in.
It’s me again.
It’s been a while.
Time for a very overdue news post.
Dicey Dungeons is on sale.
Just a heads up: right now  you can get  Dicey Dungeons on steam for 50% off – the cheapest it’s been since back in alpha.
I guess if you’re reading this post there’s a good chance you have the game already, but, you know, in  case you missed it  ????  The game’s in Irish now.
v1.8 brings lots of new stuff – new enemies, gamepad controls, a design pass on You Choose, You Lose – you can read all the details on the steam  patch notes .
But the new feature I’m really most excited  about : The Irish translation is finally complete.
This is something I’ve been going on  about  for a long time, so I’m really thrilled it’s finally ready.
I honestly have no idea how much interest there’s going to be in this.
It’s kind of an experiment.

I’ve been really enjoying being able to play it in Irish myself

and learning a few things as I go.
…but it’s not in  Japan ese, yet.

One big promised feature that’s missing from this update is the Japanese localisation

I’m really sorry.

I recently told a Japanese website that I was planning to add this in v1.8

so I know this is disappointing.
It’s almost ready, but  unfortunately  it just narrowly missed this update – it needs one more round of edits.
Apologies to everyone who’s been waiting patiently for it – getting this ready to go is my number one priority  with the game  right now.
We released a  switch  trailer.
I know a lot of people have been wondering about the switch version: all I can say right now is that  development  is going well, and we’re on schedule.
One of the big focuses of the last steam update was gamepad controls, which is a really vital part of the switch port – we really wanted to nail the controls, to make it as good to play with a gamepad as it is with a mouse.
I think we’ve done that.
What else is going on.
So, uh, I’m in Australia now.
We were here visiting in late February, and then, as Holly put it, the thing that happened happened.
We made a decision to stay put for a bit, and we’re still here, for now at least.
We’re doing ok, but truth be told, I’ve had a kind of unproductive spell with everything that’s been going on.
(If you’ve been waiting for me to get back to you recently, sorry!) Lately, I’ve been back to myself, though.

Hopefully the next Dicey update will be a lot quicker than the last one

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Samuel Wineinger        on         August 6th

2020                                                          How’s the Switch port coming along.
Any new news.
Very excited.
Perfect game for the Switch.
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