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Contract Lifecycle Management for the Energy Sector

Contract Lifecycle Management for the Energy Sector.

Better manage your Human Capital and Fixed Asset Investments

Companies who are leaders in the energy industry understand the tremendous regulatory and compliance demands placing pressure on back office operations such as the contracting process.
The multitude of players in both upstream and downstream operations require companies to have full visibility into the governing terms and conditions that manage the entire operational value chain and the associated rights and obligations afforded to each participant in the process.
Achieving operational excellence is a key objective for all companies involved in the energy industry.  CLM Matrix helps many leading energy companies accomplish this objective by standardizing, streamlining and automating the regulatory compliance and audit procedures that are an important part of the contracting process.  Whether dealing with equipment leases, land leases, vendor contracts or any other type of contract or trade agreement, CLM Matrix can help reduce contract process cycle times by as much as 80%.  Having a defined and automated process for initiating, creating, negotiating and executing agreements of all types is key to establishing efficient operations and reducing overall business risk.
Our Matrix Software solutions help increase visibility into expiring rights and obligations of an organization’s contract portfolio.
This increased contract process visibility dramatically decreases the time required to complete financial audits, provides real-time transparency into the status of any contract and enables dynamic reporting against contractual provisions that improves operational efficiency and leads to better decision making.
Download our Industry Profile document here: CLM for Energy Please contact us to find out how CLM Matrix can help you achieve rapid return on your investments.
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