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Asteroids Cabaret.
Tag: Asteroids Restoration.
Atari Asteroids Restoration 1.
Regular readers of this blog will have noticed a common theme in the cabs I’ve been restoring: I have a penchant for the smaller “cabaret” versions of arcade machines.
This is partly out of necessity – my games room us up three flights of stairs at the top of the house, and being in the…  Read More                                                Atari Asteroids Restoration 2.
So with the main cabinet sanded down at the end of part 1, I moved onto the wiring loom.
For some reason the loom was taped up with electrical tape.
A previous owner probably thought it was a good idea at the time, but now it was all sticky and collecting dust: That had to…  Read More                                                Atari Asteroids Restoration 3 FINAL.
Part 2 saw the cab get to a point where it was looking good for the most part.
The bulk of the work was done, now it was time to start putting the parts that had been removed back into the empty shell of the now restored cabinet.
If you’ve been following this blog, this…  Read More                                                                                                    Post to.


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