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Buttons and Broken screen Repair

Microsoft  Surface Pro .
Surface Pro Repair.
call us now 0800585222.

Surface Pro is very Powerful Window Machine and It comes in differnet models as below

We do Replace batteries, connectors, Buttons and Broken screen Repair.

Any software and Hardware issue

We also deal with unknown fault and run a full dia gnosis  Test.  We do Repalce screen in 30-60 minutes.
Good Record of Repair surafce pro as many Repairer do not Repair  surface pro  we do every day.

NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR carry all parts for all kinds of Microsoft Surface Pro
Check the Models and Services surface pro 2/ 3/4/5/6
NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR is top end company when it comes to Repair electronics
We do all kind of surface pro Repair
We Know Repairing surface pro is not like replacing an phone screen

It need lots of experience and technical knowledge.
We are local and friendly.
High sucess rate even for dead microsoft surafce ,  when it comes  to the data Recovery we have all latest Tools ands technical experts who do data Recovery.

Some of our technician have more than 5 years Experience in Electronics Repair

We are just one call away from you.
located in milford and service all our  new zealand                              Breakage/ Services Price & Quote Estimate   LCD Replacement call us 0800585222   Battery Replacement  call us 0800585222   Home Button Replacement  call us 0800585222   Power Button Replacement  call us 0800585222   Camera Replacement  call us 0800585222   Charging Port Replacement  call us 0800585222   Microphone Replacement   call us 0800585222   Speaker Replacement   call us 0800585222   Insurance  call us 0800585222   Headphone Jack Replacement  call us 0800585222   Water Damage Repairs  call us 0800585222                  Note:Prices are excludes GST.
Prices are to only serve as an indicator and are subject to change.
Multiple repairs can be eligible for a discount.


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