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, , ,                                                   Have you got a fabulous business or business idea.
Something that people need, with unique benefits and a great list of meaningful  features .
You need to get out there and spread the word  about  your great products or services to the right people to build and grow your customer base.
,                                                   All businesses need customers.
Customers learn about  your business  though your marketing activities.
Without marketing, you may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers will know. The challenge here is to consistently appeal to  your customers  wants and needs through well organised and executed marketing.
, ,.
, ,.
,                                                   The service  your business  offers can be compared with others based on its features and benefits, however the differences are not always so obvious to potential customers.
By  highlighting  features and benefits in marketing efforts, you will increase the chance of sales and profits.
, ,                                                   Planning, writing and managing for your website and  social media  channels is an ongoing task.
Consistently adding new material is one way to help ensure online success for  your business .
You are building an audience.
No matter what tool you choose, you need to select something that will set you up for success.
A content marketing editorial calendar gives you a framework for being deliberate and intentional  about  how you are reaching and building trust with your audience. It is a strategic marketing tool.
, , ,                                                   Rebranding can be anything from a logo tweak to a full overhaul.
It can involve changing the brand name, logo, visuals, packaging, marketing materials and/or any other defining aspect of a brand’s consumer  connectivity .
Such modifications can be to reposition the brand or to move the brand into a new market.
Rebranding can create enthusiasm and excitement about your business and help to connect with a target market.
, , ,                                                   Running your own business is one big scary adventure.
You are generally out of your comfort zone with choices and challenges to deal with.
It takes creative courage to make both the small and big decisions and leap into the unknown.
You have to look at setbacks and failures as part of the learning process.
They are testing your commitment, enthusiasm, endurance and how much you want it.
, ,                                                   Are you wasting your emotional energy wishing for things to change but in the mean time you are doing nothing about it.
Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it..
, ,                                                   Running a business is hard work with constant challenges which makes it exciting and rewarding.
No matter how hard you try, there are always problems to solve and fires to put out. It takes strength, passion and determination to push on and create something great.
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