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This year we celebrate the 5th edition of Danish Sound Day

Adventures with  Microsoft Soundscape.

Keynote Speaker: Jarnail Chudge

Spot the Future of Sound & Shape It.

Keynote Speaker: Liselotte Lyngsø

This year we celebrate the 5th edition of Danish Sound Day.
Pitch Battles.
Start-Up Pitches & Re search  Pitches.
Front page   2020-06-10T10:51:21+01:00        Denmark is a globally recognized hub for sound – capable of hosting, developing, and retaining a diverse and complex landscape of innovative companies and skillsets.
Start-ups, world-renowned brands, and highly  advanced  sound labs have all made their home here because of a unique culture of sound innovation.

Danish Sound Cluster is an industry cluster

established in 2009 with the aim of connecting start-ups, established companies and knowledge institutions within the Danish Sound industry.

And branding the Danish Sound Ecosystem outside Denmark
The new setup for Danish Sound Network

As a consequence of the expired  public  funding from the [.
]                       Loading.
We provide networking  activities  for all our members.
A s trong  network is key to success and increased innovation.
Join  today  and start expanding your sound network.
Learn more  about  personal membership    ACTIVITIES.
From Danish Sound Day, our big annual event, to a continuous series of dedicated, focused and specific  professional  events and seminars – we’ve got our members covered.
Learn more  about  personal membership    COMPANIES.
Our network consist of members and member companies, and the companies get just as many benefits.
Is  your company  not a member yet.
Click below to learn more about the benefits you can get.
Learn more about company membership      0  Innovation projects  We support innovation by implementing innovation projects   0  Matches made  Our members grow their business by growing their network.
0  Products, Ideas & tools  Great ideas don’t come by often – but our active members experience it a bit more often.
0  International participations  We make sure to look out for new opportunities for our member.
0  Company Participations  Interactions are truly what builds this network.
Just looking for the newsletters.
You can find them here.
And you can sign up for a membership here, to get them directly in your inbox.
Today it is exactly one hundred years since the Danish-developed speaker made its commercial breakthrough.
2019-09-18T13:08:03+01:00 19 September, 2019   Read More.

Sound Innovation Camp to Shanghai with add-on to Seoul & Tokyo

2019-08-28T19:21:48+01:00 28 August, 2019   Read More.

Prøv et samarbejde med Aalborg Universitets studerende (in Danish)

2019-06-18T11:13:59+01:00 18 June, 2019   Read More.
Another impressive line-up at the SoundTech Accelerator.

Kristian Krämer  2019-04-24T09:55:40+01:00 1 April

2019   Read More.
Ny rapport om brugen af musik i sundhedsvæsenet (in Danish).

Kristian Krämer  2019-03-29T08:59:37+01:00 29 March

2019   Read More.

Danish Sound Network new member of SmartCity Tech
Kristian Krämer  2019-03-28T20:34:51+01:00 28 March

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