Azur Lane Apparently Teasing Italian Shipgirls

One of the nations that aren’t yet represented by shipgirls in the popular mobile game Azur Lane is Italy, but this may soon change.
The official weibo account of the Chinese servers of the game has revealed two rather emblematic images in two different posts (1, 2).
You can check both images below.

Thursday January 01, 1970

If I was a betting man, this is the first tease of upcoming Italian shipgirls. To be more precise, and if you’re familiar with Azur Lane’s imagery they likely aren’t destroyers.
Incidentally, Azur Lane uses fictional names for nations, and existing mentions in the story indicate that Italy is named “Sardinia” (which in the real world is currently the name of an island in the Mediterranean, but it used to be a kingdom spanning part of continental Italy as well between the 14th  and the 19th century).
It’ll be interesting to see if the new shipgirls will be immediately implemented in the Japanese and English servers upon implementation.
In other Azur Lane news, we get the announcement of a new skin for Black Prince in the English servers.

Thursday January 01, 1970

♚White Princess♚Black Prince is changing into her L2D attire. She will grace your dock in the near future, Commander.#AzurLane #Yostar— Azur Lane Official (@AzurLane_EN) August 30, 2019

The Japanese servers also got the reveal of a new skin for Kirishima. At the moment, its release on the English servers is unconfirmed. 

【着せ替え】霧島・ブレイブリーサマー「普段はともかく、指揮官の前でこの格好をするとやっぱり恥ずかしいな…… 記念写真?別にいいよ。ほら、自分で提案したんだから恥ずかしがるなよ。はい!チーズ!」「霧島」着せ替え、次回メンテナンス後登場予定!#アズールレーン— アズールレーン公式 (@azurlane_staff) August 31, 2019

Thursday January 01, 1970

Azur Lane is a free-to-play mobile horizontal scrolling shooter/RPG hybrid currently available for iOS and Android.
If you prefer console games, Compile Heart and Felistella are currently working in Japan on a brand new Azur Lane game titled Azur Lane: Crosswave for PS4. It’s a very cool transition of the original game on a 3D space with action JRPG mechanic and its own story, including two original shipgirls, Suruga and Shimakaze.
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