8 Game Franchises That Need a Live-Action Netflix Show

8 Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix ShowFallout – Game Franchises that Need a Live-Action Netflix ShowFallout’s post-apocalyptic wasteland makes it the perfect choice for an anthology series. A number of impressive fan films, like Fallout: Revelation, have already shown the promise a live-action series holds.Setting a live-action show in a brand new area not […]

5 Ways to Make Your Pokemon Let’s Go Playthrough Way More Difficult

Ways to Make Your Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee Playthrough More DifficultPermanent DeathsPokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee are great games. It’s the most beautiful Pokemon game to-date, and it’s pretty much everything we wanted Pokemon Yellow to be many years ago.That said, the games are super easy. Anyone that has ever played a Pokemon game […]

10 Fortnite Gaming Gift Ideas for the Holidays 2018

It’s holiday season, and that means presents! If you’re looking at treating a friend or family member to something Fortnite-themed, we’ve got an awesome list of the best Fortnite gaming gift ideas for the holidays 2018.If you enjoyed this list, check out our other similar content, such as 12 Incredible Video Game Figurine Gift Ideas […]

Take-Two Interactive Has Abandoned Agent Trademark, a PlayStation Exclusive Circa 2009

Take-Two has finally abandoned its trademark for Agent, a PlayStation exclusive first announced way back at the E3 2009.Notably, contrary to the developer’s bullish claims at the time, it was never mentioned by either Take-Two or Rockstar North beyond its original reveal. Strangely, though, Rockstar’s website still lists information on the game, which was apparently […]

10 Video Game Sequels Nobody Asked For

10 Video Game Sequels Nobody Asked ForFallout 76Fallout 76 was announced and released pretty close apart, with players not really getting a chance to get excited about the multiplayer-focused open-world prequel. Upon release, Fallout 76 proved to be pretty underwhelming; plagued with bugs and a game that doesn’t know what it wants to be, Fallout […]

Top 10 Most Iconic DC Comics Locations

The DC Comics Universe is home to some of the most memorable and unique locations in all of entertainment. From space station hideouts to ancient mythical cities, the settings that make up this world are almost as important and alive as the characters that live amongst them.Here is our choice for the top 10 locations […]