Rico Meets his Match in new Just Cause 4 Trailer

The revolutionary Rico has faced his fair share of cunning despots over the course of the Just Cause series, but the newest trailer for Just Cause 4 shows he’s about to face an enemy on a whole new level. Streamed through the game’s official YouTube channel, the trailer focuses on Gabriela Morales, the leader of […]

Agent 47 Takes on the Cartel in new Hitman 2 Trailer

The creative killer Agent 47 has a trio of cartel leaders in his sights in the latest trailer for Hitman 2. Released Sept. 25 via the game’s official Twitter, the trailer takes viewers to Colombia, one of several locations they can sneak, climb and murder their way through in the final release of the game. […]

SuperDuper! 3.2

SuperDuper! 3.2 | Mac OS X | 21 MB.    Backup and restore your data to protect them from calamities.  Although a Mac is a very robust machine can sometimes play us a trick, running out of hard drive. And the worst thing is not to lose the disk, but the data it contains. Here comes SuperDuper! SuperDuper! It is a comprehensive tool that […]

BlueHarvest 7.1.0

BlueHarvest 7.1.0 | Mac OS X | 11 MB.    Disables the creation of files Desktop Service Store (DS_Store) and Resource fork (_AppleDouble).  If you do not know what these files, it is best to not go through with it. Actually creates the Finder to store information about directories and files included in the repertoires of your units (DS_Store) […]

Calendar 366 II 2.3.8

Calendar 366 II v2.3.8 | Mac OS X | 18 MB.     The calendar full menu bar for events and reminders!  Appointments and tasks, meetings and deadlines, birthdays and dates: Make the most of your time with Calendar 366 II! Anything you can do a calendar, Calendar 366 II can do better, and all functions can be […]

Best Overwatch Heroes, All 28 Ranked (Worst to Best)

Best Overwatch Heroes, All 28 Ranked (Worst to Best) – Torbjorn Following the Symmtera rework, Torbjorn is possibly the most situational hero in Overwatch. His turret skills make him an exceptional defense hero and decent on control points, but falls flat when it comes to attacking. Sure, he’s effective on pirate ship and cheese comps, […]