Sony’s Shawn Layden Thinks Studio Diversity is Key to Creativity & Success

Addressing a gathering of tech entrepreneurs and start-up companies at the Collision conference in Toronto yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden shared his experiences managing the company’s 13 game development studios and some of the philosophies behind PlayStation’s creative strategies, including the emphasis on studio diversity.“The video game industry straddles creativity, innovation, entertainment, and […]

5 Best Games That Could Be Mistaken for Horse-Riding Sims

Traveling by horse has become a popular method of travel in games, and looking back at some popular games from the past few years, this seems to only be increasing. Although this has undoubtedly been a popular way of travel in gaming for years, there are a handful of great modern games that opt for […]

6 Franchises We Can All Thank Konami For

CastlevaniaIf you’ve ever played a game in the long-running Castlevania series, watched the (amazing) animated Netflix series, or enjoyed playing as Simon or Richter in Smash Bros. Ultimate, then you have one company to thank, and that company is Konami.The gothic sidescrolling adventure series is regarded as one of the best franchises of all time, […]

Baldo Looks Like an Adorable Zelda/Dragon Quest Hybrid

Italian development studio NAPS Team has today teased its next project via IGN. Called Baldo, the upcoming puzzle-adventure game is likely to prove a welcome sight for fans of Zelda, with familiar-looking gameplay mechanics and a charming aesthetic.There are little details to go on beyond the below trailer, which showcases a brief glimpse at the puzzle […]

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Introduces Clan Ventrue in New Trailer

Paradox Interactive continues its rollout of story trailers in the build-up to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, and this time we’re introduced to clan Ventrue in another brilliantly animated clip.Clan Ventrue is described as a clan that’s been shrewd in its capitalization of Seattle’s industrial boom.“As more and more billion-dollar corporations shape the local and […]

My Broken PS4 Forced Me to Go Digital, and I’m Grateful

Anyone who plays games on a PS4 will be accustomed to the absurdly loud noise of its cooling fans. Especially when running a graphically demanding game, the console often sounds like a roaring jet engine primed for takeoff.It’s irritating but manageable, assuming you’ve either got headphones to plug into your controller or you aren’t staying […]

64.7% of Famitsu Readers Plan to Buy a PS5; 32.2% Is Undecided According to Survey

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included the results of a survey among the popular magazine’s readers, which inquired on their purchasing intentions and expectations for Sony’s next-generation console (which from now on we’ll simply call “PS5” in this article, because “Sony’s next-generation console is a mouthful, even if an official name hasn’t been shared yet).First […]