News Explorer 1.8.14

News Explorer 1.8.14 MAS | Mac OS X | 11 MB. 

Craghoppers Bear Grylls Clothing Review
Tuesday July 12, 2011

Bear Grylls is a famous adventurer. After breaking his back in three places in a parachuting accident, he fought his way to recovery, and two years later entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest (being 23 at the time). Anyone who ever suffered from a back injury can...

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News Explorer is an innovative news reader built exclusively for the ecosystem of the block with iCloud – based synchronization between iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
Full Synchronization
• News Explorer syncs your subscriptions, folder settings, news, read the states and favorites on all Apple devices.
• Synchronization is based on iCloud, so there is no need to login or to register for any other service, just works out of the box.
• engine capacity high speed flow.
Productive Interface
• Cleaning 100% native user interface without distractions
• Built-in browser to view online links and other references
• Topics
Default ◦: Interface light colored carefully designed
◦ dark “night mode” useful interface
◦ System: based on standard system colors and controls
◦ YinYang: combines the dark sidebar interface with clear tones
• Support Split view
• full screen Support
custom Readout
• smart Filters
◦ latest News: all news from the last 2 days
◦ unread News: News unread
favorites ◦: all items News bookmarked
• Read your news online
• the Mark items as favorites for later reading
• Browse with a single click with original content
• View timeline shows your news in an appealing manner similar to daily
• Full text search
• Full keyboard navigation
• Picture Viewer built to access images News
• share news articles via e-mail, messages, Twitter, Facebook and
organizational support
• Add new RSS feeds manually or use the integrated search function
• extension support power allow you to open RSS feed URL news
• Group subscriptions using folders
• Rename and change the order of folders and subscriptions, drag and drop
• Import and export OPML
usability features
• Global filters let you filter all subscriptions and unread Related news and favorite items.
• Support for enhanced navigation arrow key auto expansion and collapse the sidebar and the built -in browser.
• With the strength of the click, you can easily perform common actions used in selected news.
• Conduct rapid action with horizontal strokes on the list of news articles.
• pull subscription list to start a synchronization session.
• Application icon plate with unread items count.
Customization options
• customized storage period for each item status (read, unread and favorites).
• The open items can be automatically adjusted to read, immediately or after a period of request.
• Set all elements within a filter or feed reading with a single click, with the option to ask for confirmation above a certain number of unread messages.
• links news can be opened in the browser – based integrated Safari-view, controller or external URL that includes support for external applications.
• Synchronization with iCloud can be disabled, using only the built- in RSS high – speed motor.
• And much more
• Supports RSS 2.0 and ATOM newsfeeds
• iCloud sync with CloudKit
• Swift 2.2
• Touch Force
• Transfer, where you left off
• Notifications
• Retina support

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