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Logtail 3.8 | Mac OS X | 12 MB. 

Why Rosé Can Be the Drink of Seasons Other than Summer
Thursday August 09, 2018

What exactly is this deliciously pink refreshing beverage we all consume potentially too much of during the long summer days? Rosé! Yes, but why is it SO GOOD?! It’s funny because along with the popularity of social media grew the love for this sipping wine, considered by some in the last couple years the “new...

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Logtail is an OS X application to view and monitor local log files on Linux servers and remote (using SSH) or unformatted text file in a simple, clean and unified interface!
Read log files and generates its content as they change, and you can follow or “follow” the file similar to the ‘tail’ utility Unix (tail -f)
logtail is useful for monitoring log files of application and system that are constantly updated in the runtime.
It allows you to configure filter rules and stressed that can be used to hide or color lines matched search terms. This allows you to focus on important data in your log files! You can also allow them to alert notifications when matching text is found in the log file.
In addition you can:
Manage and navigate the hosts SSH Server Remote
Dial and search files on remote logging
Share local log files as attachments in email messages or instant messaging messages (or via AirDrop or add to Notes (element toolbar Share))
marker lines within a file
to our dear customers: If you have any comments / comment / feature request / encounter any problems, please contact us via the ‘Email’ menu aid. We would love to hear from you!
What’s new
Fixes a bug in v3.6 rendering seen in High Sierra and a random crash when moving files

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