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Icons8 5.6.6 | Mac OS X | 103 MB. 

How to Buy Ammunition On-line
Sunday June 05, 2011

We own firearms for different reasons. Some folks enjoy shooting at the range with their mates. Some carry handguns for self-defense and practice shooting not just because they enjoy it but because they realize that shooting skills are perishable. Others own firearms for hunting or, as they sometimes say, for more practical reasons. You’ll see...

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Icons8 is the collection of the world’s largest icons to get inspiration from the user interface for graphic designers, web and graphics, providing a wealth of design resources for designers. I think most designers UI / UX have been stuck for inspiration at some point. When that happens, usually they resort to some web design or communities to find something useful sites. Recently, I found a website called Icons8, which provides many design resources for designers. I hope that is favorable to creativity of designers.
What we can provide?
– Users can download icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF or as a source format (all PNG files up to 100 px they are free icons “Very basic” they are also free in SVG); The ICO format is available in the Windows application.
– There are web applications, Mac and Windows.
– Icons8 develop 7 different styles and follow the guidelines Apple, Microsoft and Google. Also they combine their icons with native operating system icons.
– Icons vectors merge and have preserved forms
– All users can use special effects and icons change color.
– Users can drag icons to Sketch, Photoshop, Xcode or anything else.

‘Yankees Suck’ chant breaks out during Patriots game
Friday October 05, 2018

Playoff baseball season is officially upon us. Nowhere was that more evident than Gillette Stadium on Thursday night. As the New England Patriots were beating the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth quarter, a “Yankees suck” chant broke out in the stadium. "Yankees Suck!" Chant pic.twitter.com/aj95IzRlw3 — New Account (@ftbeard_17) October 5, 2018 Boston sports fans...

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