Historyhound 2.0.1

Historyhound 2.0.1 | macOS | 5MB.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Historyhound is for you if you ever tried to find something in your browser history or bookmarks, but could not remember when or where you saw it. Or perhaps you have its meticulously organized markers, but it takes forever to scroll through menus to get something you want? Historyhound page will haunt you – fast!
Historyhound lets you quickly search for keywords in the content of all web pages and RSS feeds you recently visited, as well as all those that have marked. It is a “personal web search”. Instead of searching endless lists of obscure URL and page titles, just type in a few words that appear anywhere on the page, and even reduce it to a specific range of dates if you remember when you saw it. Historyhound will give you a list of matches, sorted by relevance.
Historyhound currently it supports Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, OmniWeb, Opera, iCab, Vivaldi, NetNewsWire and URL Manager Pro.

Recent Industry News by Dan S. Defense
Sunday June 05, 2011

Let’s look at some interesting developments in the gun industry from Surefire’s new high capacity magazines to Bushmaster’s variations on the ACR rifle. For pocket gun lovers, news from Kimber and Kahr will prove interesting. Those of us, who prefer less noise while shooting, will appreciate news from Wilson Combat and their entry into the...

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