Government Will Investigate Gaming Disorder in Japan

With the World Health Organization including gaming disorder in the international classification of diseases, the Japanese government is also preparing to make a move, as reported by TBS’s Japan News Network.We learn that the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare is going to launch an investigation on the effects of gaming disorder early next week, […]

Dead or Alive 6 Gets New Videos Showcasing the Triangle System

Today Dead or Alive 6 developer Team Ninja released a new series of videos of the game on its official Twitter account.The videos serve as tutorials to explain players new to the franchise how the triangle system works.Basically, it’s a rock-paper-scissors system in which strikes beat throws, throws beat holds, and holds beat strikes.The first […]

Dispute Between Unity and Improbable Over New Terms Intensifies; Epic Games Joins In

Epic Games has joined in on the spat between game-engine developer Unity Technologies and Improbable, contributing to a $25 million fund to help developers transition to “more open engines.” Earlier in the week, we covered a blog post from Improbable that explicitly states “all existing SpatialOS games using Unity, including production games and in-development games of […]

Sega Ages Adds Puyo Puyo And Gain Ground To EShop Next Month

The Sega Ages Collection has brought several of the publisher’s fan-favorite classic arcade games to the Nintendo Switch. Now Sega is promising two more titles will be joining the lineup next month. Puyo Puyo and Gain Ground will be added to the roster of arcade classics available on the Nintendo eShop in February. Puyo Puyo is the classic […]

Minecraft Movie Finds New Director, Peter Sollette

The Minecraft movie has gone through quite a rocky production ever since it was announced that Warner Bros. would helm the project back in 2014. It looks like the dust has finally settled and the film is back on track with a new director. Variety announced that Peter Sollett is officially set to take over the director’s […]

Celeste’s New DLC Chapter Will Feature New Items

Having sold over 500,000 copies, Celeste is set to release a new DLC chapter to commemorate the game’s success, lobbing an array of new challenges at players that are designed to test their platforming mettle. Anyone who thought they’d conquered Celeste’s mountain can think again, the new DLC will be placed after the current hardest levels […]