Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2.1023.0100

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2.1023.0100 | Mac OS X | 46 MB.    The growth of targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats require protection and intelligent layered security at the endpoint. Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 offers unparalleled security, an incredible performance and more intelligent management across physical and virtual environments. By leveraging the intelligence network of the world’s largest […]

Artpaper: new funds daily screen 2.3.4

Artpaper: new funds daily screen 2.3.4 MAS | macOS | 88 MB. Artpaper refresh your desktop to bring more than 1000 paintings of the best galleries. New funds every day • Change wallpapers automatically. • Update your wallpapers on computer shutdown or at different intervals: day, week, two weeks, month. • Constantly see something new on your […]

New Darksiders III Trailer Is Western Poetry in Motion

With the release of Darksiders III just around the corner, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games are keen on showing it off with a brand new trailer.The trailer focuses on Rampage, Fury’s black horse that will appear in the upcoming game.The video is definitely poetic, conveying a western-like atmosphere that might perhaps surprise some. Could it […]

FontBook 5.0.6

FontBook 5.0.6 | Mac OS X | 23 MB.  FontBook is the ultimate font utility for all Mac users that require fast, easy and comprehensive overview of all sources. Let FontBook show uninstalled fonts on the screen in various designs. You can print reference pages with selected fonts to assess the typeface, sizes and printing. Or you can find shortcuts […]

Amadeus Pro 2.5.2 (2084)

Amadeus Pro 2.5.2 (2084) | Mac OS X | 21 MB.  Use your Mac for any task related to audio, such as live audio recording, creating tones for the iPhone, digitizing tapes and records, converting between a variety of sound formats (such as MP3, MPEG- 4 AAC, AIFF, wAVE, WMA, CAF, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis), remastering your iTunes […]

SQLPro for MSSQL 1.0.316

SQLPro for MSSQL 1.0.316 | Mac OS X | 9 MB.  SQLPro Studio is the tool database management high quality Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft Management Studio and Oracle databases. Some of the major features include: + intellisense / automatic termination of SQL. + The syntax highlighting with customizable themes (including dark). + Tabbed interface for optimal user experience. […]

SQLPro for MySQL 1.0.315

SQLPro for MySQL 1.0.315 | Mac OS X | 9 MB.  The client MySQL database client is a lightweight but powerful MySQL database, allowing quick and easy access to MySQL servers, including those hosted on Amazon RDS. This SQL client is only for MySQL and will not work with other database servers such as PostgreSQL or MSSQL. Features […]

SQLPro for Postgres 1.0.315

SQLPro for Postgres 1.0.315 | Mac OS X | 9 MB.  SQLPro for Postgres is an advanced but thin client PostgresSQL database, allowing quick and easy access to Postgres servers. Features include: + Syntax highlighting. + Intellisense. + Tab based interface. + Support for running multiple queries at once. + Quick access to tables, columns and more. […]

iRingg 1.0.37

iRingg 1.0.37 | Mac OS X | 26 MB.  iRingg allow you to make custom ringtones virtually everything you can find on the Internet. Easily cut audio segment of the songs in your iTunes library or Find them instantly on SoundCloud or YouTube. Add sound effects (called SndMoji ™?) Or record your own voice and use filters to create […]