Battlerite Roadmap Update Reveals Private Lobbies, Tournament System and Returning Events

After the recent Early Access release of Battlerite Royale, Stunlock Studios has come forth with a roadmap update, giving players an idea of what they can expect in the following months. The Halloween-themed Curse Of the Night event returns on Oct. 17 which is also when Ruh Kaan joins the Battlerite Royale roster. Battlerite Royale is set to receive private lobbies this month, while its free-to-play counterpart will get a competitive refresher with the start of both its fourth season and the third season of the Battlerite Pro League. The Book of Lore will also reveal more about the Champions’ history this month.The month of November marks Battlerite’s one year anniversary since going free-to-play. The month will bring emotes as a brand new type of cosmetic item alongside a significant update that will add camera tools and the ability to export clips to YouTube directly from the game. Battlerite Royale will have Ezmo making his way to Talon Island. December will mark the return of the Frozen Mists event, alongside its seasonal cosmetics, as well as the start of Season 5. Battlerite will not only receive a new Champion, but a Tournament System as well. Over on the Royale side of things, a new, yet unannounced, champion will make its way to Talon Island.Past this, Stunlock Studios is looking at introducing a new Royale map, new champions, a new arena HUD and a clan system. Battlerite is free-to-play on PC and distills the MOBA experience into fast-paced PvP encounters inside a small, enclosed arena. Those weary of free-to-play economies can purchase the All Champions Pack, which gives access to all current and future champions, for the price of $29.99. Battlerite Royale is available in Steam Early Access for the price of $19.99. The developer aims to see it exit Early Access in about 6 months.The post Battlerite Roadmap Update Reveals Private Lobbies, Tournament System and Returning Events appeared first on Twinfinite.

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